TrailCam Photos: Keith Youngs

KeithYoungs-300x225My name is Keith Youngs.  I was raised in Cheboygan, Michigan and continue to reside there with my 14 year old son Wyatt.  I am an extremely active outdoorsman.  I enjoy all aspects of the outdoors but prefer to hunt the whitetail deer.  I am self employed for the last 15 years which enables me to chase the whitetail when I get my work done.  I am a full time wood carver, my company name is Youngs Wood Carving.  I carve everything from chainsaw art in one’s yard, to a highly detailed mantle in the home.  I love my job and thank the man above.

Before I was a woodcarver I did many things.  After graduating from Cheboygan High School, I went on to get a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Michigan University in Marquette.  Then I went to Law School at Cooley in Lansing.  I did not enjoy Law School and really wanted to start my own business just was not sure what.  While I tried to figure what I wanted to do, I worked odd jobs including; marine construction, residential construction, well drilling and I worked for the Department of Natural Resources.

Throughout all my occupations I carved as a hobby and eventually I had enough carvings made up to do a show.  I did the Boyne City Mushroom Festival for my first one and sold all my carvings!  From there on I went full time. I sold some of my carvings locally but the advent of eBay helped me move my bear carvings globally.  Today, I sell very little online.  My primary source of income comes from going to people’s homes and carving on their trees.  When I get done working I go to the woods.

I started testing Horny’s Big Buck Blend early this year and am very impressed!  I put it out in locations where it was the only mineral or food supplement in place to see if it “really” worked?  Well, it works… deer and elk come in and stay there.  They lay in it, eat it, they really love it folks.  Deer and elk both take their turns. I would not say something works if it doesn’t, people that know me know I am a straight shooter and if this product was flawed I would say it.  I have used many minerals over the years but this blend is special.  I’ve been setting cameras for years also, on bait and minerals and never had pictures like Horny’s Big Buck Blend produces.

It’s no joke. Go BIG. Go Horny’s.

Here are some of the photos from my trail cams. Enjoy!

TrailCam Image
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