Selenium Can Be Dangerous To Your Deer Herd

January 26th, 2016 by Michael Biondo

Selenium symbol handheld, too much is bad for deer herds in front of the periodic table

Why you need to read labels:

Mineral products high in Selenium i.e. (Se) can actually hurt deer vs being beneficial. High Selenium can cause Anorexia, Weight loss, lameness, fibroplasia along with hair and skin disorders in Whitetail deer. Have you have ever seen a Whitetail deer with a really black face and or head? Its possible cause could be excess selenium in that deer’s diet. And yes, excessive (Se) in a deer’s diet can be fatal!!

Selenium is shown as ppm on manufactures labels. More does not mean better! USDA does NOT allow cattle to be fed over 0.3ppm Selenium.

There are mineral products on the market intended for Whitetail deer that have 40 ppm of (Se) up to 60 ppm of (Se) and more.

Do your own research, read labels and make good choices for you and the deer herd we love so much.

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