Michael Biondo, Owner of Horny's Big Buck Blend
Michael Biondo, Owner of Horny's Big Buck Blend

Why Horny’s?

Horny’s Mineral Blend LLC is the result of a life long passion of a West Michigan hunter’s dedication to White-tailed deer. Michael Biondo, the owner of Horny’s believes in effective deer management. The key factors in his management plan are proper supplemental nutrition, good land stewardship, and the select harvest of the animals.

Michael brought Horny’s to the market only after local hunters consistently marveled at the size and racks of his annual deer harvest. When friends and neighbors at the Grandville Chamber of Commerce discovered that Biondo formulated an effective mineral blend, they encouraged him to make it available to other hunters. Like every great product, today’s Horny’s Big Buck Blend is the result of two decades of experimentation conducted on Biondo’s own 30 acre parcel. His use of minerals commenced as a way to compete with a neighboring property that had over 600 acres of land that contained ample food plots and cover. Biondo’s quest for the healthiest heard reached its optimal outcome when he teamed up with Michigan State University to dial-in the best blend based on biology, growth and overall deer health.

Horny’s Big Buck Blend is an all-natural, agricultural-grade product designed to provide maximum supplemental nutrition to deer and elk, helping them grow larger, healthier antlers. The added benefit to Horny’s Big Buck Blend is that it provides the proper minerals and nutrients needed for the overall health of fertile does, fawns and adolescent bucks. Grow the Bone with Horny’s Big Buck Blend!

What makes Horny’s Big Buck Blend the Best?

  • All Natural: Our blend is made with pure, specially-blended ingredients so you know that your deer and other wildlife are getting the healthy nutrients and minerals they need. Horny’s is non-toxic and will not harm the environment.
  • Ease of use: You can just pour Horny’s Big Buck Blend on a stump. Alternatively, you can lightly prep some ground that is free of debris and vegetation, and simply mix it with the soil where deer and elk frequent.
  • Affordable: We take pride in developing a product that the average hunter/sportsperson can afford. With our high calcium, high phosphorus, and low salt levels, we feel we are unmatched in our ability to help deer and elk achieve maximum antler development. We believe this gives you a great bang for your buck.
  • Cost & Time-Effective: Horny’s Big Buck Blend is specially formulated and can last up to 3 months between refreshing. That is in sharp contrast to many of our competitors that require you to purchase and apply their products monthly. We believe the less pressure you put on deer and elk in the off-season the better.
  • Easy to Get: Since you can buy Horny’s Big Buck Blend online or from your hunting buddies you don’t need to worry about making a special trip to town. This saves you money and time.
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  • Safety First

    Always consult local laws and regulations before using this product.