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Horny’s Big Buck Blend is a specially formulated blend of all-natural, agricultural grade products and ingredients that is easy for hunters or sportspersons to use. It is designed to provide outstanding supplemental nutrition to deer and elk, helping them grow healthier, bigger and heavier antlers. Horny’s Big Buck Blend also provides much needed minerals and nutrients to support overall deer health. Fertile does, fawns and adolescent bucks will reap many of its benefits of our high calcium, high phosphorus, low salt blend.

Horny’s Big Buck Blend is designed to provide supplemental nutrition to deer and elk, helping them to grow larger and healthier, and to help support their immune system. Our special blend of minerals and nutrients will also help ensure fertile does, fawns and adolescent bucks receive the proper nutrition their bodies crave.

Horny’s Big Buck Blend has been formulated and tested out in the wild, not in a enclosed preserve or hunting ranch. All of the photos you see on our website come from our own and our customers’ trail cams, showcasing free-ranging deer and elk using our mineral sites. Horny’s Big Buck Blend is environmentally friendly, providing the right mix of natural, necessary minerals that is formulated to help deer and elk grow BIG antlers and have overall proper nutrition for their health.

You can read our FAQ, Shop Now, or Contact Us with any questions you may have about Horny’s Big Buck Blend of premium minerals. If you’re still not convinced, be sure to read our Testimonials and check out our Trail Cam Gallery to see the results for yourself! Happy Hunting!

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