How It Works

Horny’s Big Buck Blend is a blend of all natural ingredients that is designed to provide supplemental nutrition to the deer on your land and help those deer grow larger, healthier racks. The added benefit of Horny’s Big Buck Blend is that it provides needed minerals and nutrients to growing fawns, fertile does and growing bucks. Grow the bone with Horny’s Big Buck Blend!

Deer and elk shed their antlers every year in the late winter and usually grow them back by the fall. For them to grow their rack back bigger and fuller, they need to stay healthy and consume a balanced diet. There are a host of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for them to maintain their health throughout the year.

How Deer Grow Their Antlers

After antlers are shed, the regrowth process begins in just a few days. A growing antler is mostly comprised of protein, calcium and phosphorous. It is covered by a velvet as it grows, supplying nutrients through a network of blood vessels. When the blood vessels close off usually in mid to late August, the antlers harden and then the velvet is soon shed.

What Are Antlers Made Of?

After the protein structure of the antlers is in place, the deer then starts hardening them with Calcium, Phosphorous, and other minerals such as Magnesium. It gets these building-blocks from feeding on flora and natural deposits, but providing Horny’s Big Buck Blend for your herd gives them easy access to these minerals so they never go wanting and have the right balance they need readily available.

Why Do Deer Need Minerals Year Round?

A balanced diet isn’t only essential for growing antlers. Deer need a blend of minerals for digestion, immunity, and overall well-being. Does will need extra nutrition for nursing fawns, and once weaned, those fawns will need them to grow and stay healthy. Other nutrients found in Horny’s Big Buck Blend include Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and others to support their immune and digestive systems. Deer also have a deficit of sodium early in the year, and will seek out salt deposits.

What Makes Horny’s Perfect For Deer

Horny’s strikes a balance between proper nutrition and the flavors deer crave. There are products out that overload their blends with salt, and while being tasty, offer little benefit to deer. Other “pure” mineral blends have a bitter taste.

Importance of Key Minerals

  • Calcium – Promotes strong bones, teeth and antler growth.
  • Phosphorus – Promotes strong bones, teeth and antler growth.
  • Salt – A deer needs salt during the hot summer months, as it counterbalances the high potassium and moisture content of their forage. It also makes the bitterness of pure minerals palatable to deer and elk.
  • Potassium – Crucial in regulating heart beat.
  • Iron- Lets red blood cells carry oxygen and helps prevent anemia.
  • Zinc – Helps with liver function, digestion and bone maintenance.
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