What exactly is in Horny's?
We make no secret about what’s in our deer mineral blend, because we believe that you should know exactly what you are feeding to your deer.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Calcium: 20-24%
  • Phosphorus: Min 8%
  • Salt: 22-26.5%
  • Selenium: Min 8.5 ppm

Other Trace Minerals Contained

  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc


Di-calcium phosphate, salt, calcium carbonate, molasses products, selenium, manganous oxide, ferrous carbonate, magnesium oxide, copper oxide, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate and red iron oxide.

How do I use Horny's?
For best results offer Horny’s Big Buck Blend year around, replenishing every 3 months or as needed. We recommend you mix Horny’s with the top few inches of the soil which is cleared of vegetation and debris. You can also simply pour it out over a stump or on the ground and walk away. Animal use and weather will determine how often you should refresh, but every 3 months is usually fine.
How soon will I see results in my herd?
With a little influence from age and genetics, the size and number of points of a buck’s antlers are mostly dependent upon a healthy diet.

Horny’s gives the herd the building blocks they need to grow the biggest, strongest racks they can. We recommend putting out Horny’s year-round to give the deer easy access to nutrition. If you’re using Horny’s for the first time and for premier optimization of the product, it is best to start no later than March. You should be seeing results by late August.

Is Horny's safe for the deer and other wildlife?
Horny’s Big Buck Blend is all natural and is good for your deer population and the environment. No chemicals, no additives, all natural designed to grow big antlers, healthy deer and strong genetics.

As a responsible hunter we know you want to protect the natural environment that provides habitat for your deer and elk. Horny’s Big Buck Blend is environmentally friendly, simply providing the necessary minerals that deer and elk need to grow BIG antlers and reproduce healthy genetics.

I've seen higher amounts of Selenium in other products, why doesn't Horny's have as much?
While Selenium is an important part of a deer’s diet, too much can actually be harmful. High Selenium can cause anorexia, weight loss, lameness, fibroplasia along with hair and skin disorders in Whitetail deer.
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